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True Bi Dating: I Loved A Bi Women

Miami, FL

I was so extremely sensitive when it came to talking about marriage, because my marriage was not returned for betry of my husband. During the time, I had a kind of feeling that I would never fall in love with someone. But this seemed like more disgusting when I saw my husband and his new lover sitcked together, I decided I have to start my life again. So, after the pain of that had gone away I decided to look for someone online. That seened like a little trepidation , and more effective way of meet a partner I like. I choose Meet Bi Women because of lots of members it has and no refusal to gays and lesbians, and didn't waste any time in the rest of life.

I had only an interest in meeting bi women from my local area. The idea of any long distance wouldn't be passed by me. So I'm so lucky to have a click on the Malcolm's profile. She was bi woman, living in New York. And she was so attractive for her smile, and came across as a fun loving. With a period of chatting, I had a good feeling about match. Then we had spend some days chatting on the phone and known each other. After that, I find we had many things on common, such as some hobbies and a feeling that it is much to regretted that we could not meet ealier. I was so hurry to meet the bi woman that I had to ask my friends if I crazy. In honest, she is the first girl I met who attracted me online.

With second midweek, she flied from New York to visit me in Miami, FL, which was so amazing for me. Although she stayed for a few days, I was so grateful for her visit. By the second visit we knew we had both fallen in love. I have never expected biwoman I could meet online, but Malcolm was only one I was attracted to for her caring, attitude of responsible and sincere.

Now we had been together for half of a year. It's extremely clear that we are so happy everyday even though we are too far to stay. She had a devoted, posting what happened bettwen us on network and social, and she is person to share every minute with. Apart from this, she is always supportive of me doing what makes me happy and all I do. As a matter of fact, I've never expected that a bi woman can care about me for my old idea that I think bisexual is not real. But this time, I think that I'm wrong. She is so serious and sincere. I have to thankful for everyday she is in my life and gives me more fresh life although it is seprarated by mountains and cities.

An important decision we made yesterday that I was ready to move to New York and live with her next week. My friends think me crazy and just a brain storm to decide. But I do know it is very clear that we will spend rest of life loving one each other, and I'm ready to find another job in New York to start a new life. I love the bi woman.

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