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Meet Bisexual Women - My Soul Mate

Phoenix, AZ

In the world, many people alway praise the love just like Romeo and Juliet. I have to accept the truth that 95% people around the world are heterosexual. There is less bisexual rather than others. But it doesn't mean we don't need bisexual partners to have a bisexual love like Romeo and Juliet. If one day, you meet a bisexual woman who are attractive to you and you are attractive to you too, you should seize the chance to say to her, " Thanks god, I met you in my the rest of life."

Perhaps the Lucky Goddess came to me, I met my soul mate - the bisexual woman Elizabeth on Meet Bi Women. To be honest, there is nothing better than meet bisexual womena. When we saw the profiles on the personal homepage, we decided to say to other side, "There is she". My friends left me a few comments on my Facebook when I post the her pictures and a word, "I loved the baby", my friend said to me that you are crazy. I think I am really crazy.

As a matter of fact, I never though of finding bisexual women on bi dating sites. There is a kind of thought that all bi dating sites are not true to find bisexual even though there are lots of ads about bisexual dating on web. But completely changed my mind. I accepted it because I find bisexual on the site.

The following Saturday after Elizabeth and I talk hours on the phone, I flying up from my city to her city. She is so beautiful when I met her the first time at the coffee shop at the corner on a street. I never forgot the girl filled with smile walk across me and asked me," hi, are you Lucy, I'm Elizabeth", that's great for us. we met at the first time. The day we hang out and shopping and tasted delicious in the city. we have fun day and built the friendly and imitate relationship. From then on we often got together and enjoy our time.

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