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Some things seem to have been destined for fate. The first half of my life is filled with lie unless the two daughters. Fortunately I have met bisexual women on the bi dating site - for the rest of my life.

I've been married in a lie for much my life because I lost the patient with my husband for his mistress. Then at the 24th wedding anniversary, we ended up with bad marriage. I was so happy when my two daughter both said they surpport me. And I told them I will pick up my life and spend the rest of life filled with happiness. In fact, I'm bisexual woman before married. But I have never met any girl after that because I must consider the happiness of my family, but my husband is so damn. Now I'm free to start the life I'd always wanted.

Not knowing where to meet other bisexual women and how to find bisexual women with common interests and experience, I saw an commercial from meet bisexual women and was then directed to visit the bi dating site. I filled out the profile and finished the sign up process, being very honest. The next day I got up and received four to five messages from the site. I'm not interested in someone while checking their profile. Howevery the last one attracted me who has the similar experience.

Her name is Ellar, I was so nervous to communicate with the beauty girl, but I knew I had to learn more about her. After few days,we spent over 5 hours on knowing each other. I knew she have already divorced with a son only and she would reset her the rest of her life. Then I though I was falling love with her and the same to her while hanging up the phone.

Over the next few days we talked 2-4 hours every day. Sher was the most caring, open, real, patient woman I'd never known, not to the mention the initial chemistry and I'd never seen her before that. we were then more intimate in relationships, which was only friendship, I had never been so happy like this in my life, evidently, so did she. Then we started to talk about the life of future and I couldn't wait to live together with the perfect woman. But I knew she need more space and time to think, howevery she sent a message in few hours, said she want to live with me togther. Maybe all happy things was coming so quickly, just like the Spring, I replied yes.

The first weeken I drove to meet Ellar in person, and already knowing the beauty woman better than anyone else. I met her at the door and she gave me a great hugs then the surprise is that she kissed me. I'd never kissed a girl, I was so exciting and incredible for that. There was no doubt that we spent a great weeken, we were the most happy person in the world, then our love continues to grow.

Now I decide to look for work nearby and we plan to get marriage or have a commitment ceremony next spring. Thank you, meet bisexual women, for the opportunity for Ellar and me to meet and fall in love, I believe you will be the most popular bi daing site forever.

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